10. Asymmetry
No face in this world is perfectly symmetrical, but incest offspring are more vulnerable to being born with heavily asymmetrical faces. This regularly happens with children who come from a long lineage of inbreeding that causes congenital birth defects. Actually, when normal babies are born, their facial structures are normally close to being perfectly symmetrical. In contrast, however, inbred children will often show signs of one ear being higher, one eye being larger, or maybe one side of the face being droopier than the other. Films have exaggerated these traits and created monsters who grow up in the deep forests and, as a result of being in the nth generation of incest, have horribly misshapen faces. Nevertheless, while asymmetrical faces don’t customarily get that bad, they can be rather shocking. Fortunately, a trip to a plastic or reconstructive surgeon can often fix minor problems.

(source therichest)

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