10. It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Loaded
This sad tale is of an accidental shooting at a party gone terribly wrong. Anthony Stanford II and his friend, Steven Leannais, were at a dinner party with a group of their comrades when one of them brings out a firearm. Many of them begin playing with it after being assured that it isn’t loaded. Some even putting the gun into their mouths. They turn on Facebook Live to broadcast the scene, but wouldn’t you know it, there were bullets in that gun.

After convincing Anthony that he was safe because the gun was empty, Leannais points the gun at his friend’s abdomen and pulls the trigger. A shot rings out, immediately killing Anthony. The party goes into a frenzy. Someone watching the live feed remotely calls police.

Leannais is being charged with third-degree felony involuntary manslaughter and has expressed how sorry he is for what happened.

(source therichest)

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