15. Charles Manson: “Aggressively Antisocial”
You didn’t think that we could do a serial killer list and not include Charles Manson, did you? Of course not! At 82 this evil man still holds the public’s attention and it will be some time before he fades from our collective memory.

So what was Charles Manson like as a child? Well, his upbringing was rocky at best. His mother was a heavy drinker who was sent to jail along with Charles’s older brother for armed robbery when he was 5 years old. She was paroled three years later but later abandoned him and he ended up in a children’s home for the reminder of youth. Here he began to rob service stations and cars. When apprehended and detained a caseworker described the young Charles as “aggressively antisocial”. If only she knew.

(source therichest)

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