15. Karla Homolka And Paul Bernardo
Karla and Paul Bernardo were just like any other couple. They loved each other, decided to wed, and looked forward to starting a family together. That was until Paul struck up an obsession with Karla’s younger sister, Tammy. One night, the two worked together to drug and rape Tammy. Tammy woke up and got away safely, but this would be the only time. They eventually were able to get a hold of Tammy again; this time resulting in her dying from choking on her own vomit while she slept after being raped by the two. This was the first out of three girls that the couple would drug, rape, and murder together. They eventually were caught. Paul was sentenced to life in prison while Karla got away with a light sentence, claiming Paul had abused her and that she wasn’t always a willing participant in what they did. She now lives under a different name with her new husband and three children in an unknown location.

(source therichest)

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