The Ducking Stool

The ducking - or cucking - stool was a women's punishment in England, Scotland, and other places from the 14th through the 18th century. They were used to punish "common scolds," which were literally just women who didn't act the way society wanted them to act.

Rat Torture

This nightmarish torture method involved a cage full of rats attached to the victim's body. A source of heat would be placed at the far end of the cage. To escape the intense heat, the rats would BURROW THROUGH THE PERSON'S BODY.

Thumb Screwer

Sometimes called a "pilliwinks," which is far too cute a name for such a devious device, was specifically designed to crush fingers and toes. Larger versions were used to crush other body parts.

The Iron Maiden

The iron maiden was a body-shaped metal container that was covered in inward-facing spikes, meaning that if you moved slightly in any direction while inside it, you'd be poked. However, it was actually NOT used as a real torture device in medieval times - it was made up by some guy in 1793 who wrote a story about it. But still - isn't it gruesome?

The Lead Sprinkler

This device was filled with hot liquid, sometimes molten metal, sometimes tar, sometimes just good old boiling oil. It was then used to drip the hot liquid on to the victim's flesh and eyes.

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