1. The mystery of Maura Murray

Maura Murray was 21 when she lost control of her car and crashed into a snowbank in February, 2004. Another driver stopped and asked if she needed help, but she said no, she'd called the AAA. They drove off, deciding to call the police anyway.

Ten minutes later, when the police arrived, the car was locked and Murray was gone. There were no footprints in the snow, sniffer dogs couldn't get a scent on her, and a heat-seeking helicopter spotted nothing.

Strange details began to emerge. Murray, a straight-A nursing student, had withdrawn $280 from her account and emailed her teacher saying she'd have to miss class because there'd been a death in the family (there hadn't). Her cards and phone, a route map to Vermont, and a wine box were found in the back of the car, with red wine splashed on the outside. Back in Murray's dorm room, her belongings were found packed up in boxes.

But despite the leads, detectives made little progress, and there have been no credible sightings of Maura Murray since the night she disappeared.

2. The parking lot Polaroid

In August 1989, a disturbing Polaroid photo was found in a Florida parking lot. It showed a young woman and a boy, bound and gagged in a small, dark space. A windowless white van had previously been spotted near where the photo appeared.

Two families came forward to identify the people in the picture. Nine-year-old Michael Henley had vanished on a camping trip with his father. Tara Calico, 19, had disappeared while cycling. Pieces of her Sony Walkman were found, but Tara and her bike had vanished.

Calico's mother was sure it was her daughter in the photo – her hair was the same, and she seemed to have the same scar on her right leg. Some time later, Henley's remains were found in the mountains where he went missing. But Calico's disappearance remains a mystery, and no one ever traced the origins of the sinister Polaroid.

3. The girl who vanished from her bed

On 14 February 2000, 9-year-old Asha Degree packed her bookbag in the middle of the night and walked out of her house. Her brother, who slept in the same room, said he heard noises coming from her bed, and at 6:30am her mother discovered she was missing. Police believe she left the house of her own accord, but Asha was a shy, well-behaved girl and her disappearance was out of character.

Several motorists spotted Asha wandering down the highway in the early hours of the morning in driving wind and rain. As one person slowed down to see if she was OK, Asha ran into the woods.

An immediate search found sweet wrappers and her hair clip in a shed nearby. Over a year later her bookbag was discovered wrapped in bin bags at a construction site, but Asha was never seen again.

(source buzzfeed)

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