14. You Will Go Numb (for Longer Than You Think)
Even small electric shocks can have a lasting impact, because your body responds to electricity no matter the amount. Numbness is a common symptom. As electricity enters your body there is only one goal: find its way to the ground. Or, in your home, the floor. It may prefer a hardwood floor to carpeting, lavish marble to cheap linoleum, but any floor will do.

Because electricity is lazy (or really efficient, it can be hard to tell) it will always find the shortest path to the ground. Anything it encounters along the way - a human being, for instance - is impacted. With a large enough shock, numbness will hit more than just the point of contact. You may feel numbness spread over your entire body after the initial pain, and it may take hours to go away completely. Or, you might just die. It's kind of a dice-roll. Makes you think you should invest in some nice floors. No one wants their last sight to be rat-piss stained shag.

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