Currently all fans of Breaking Bad are impressed in the prequel to the show which follows Jimmy McGill's attempts to crack the world as an attorney, before he became Saul Goodman.

There are many reasons why the series is so welcomed. The first is that now there isn't as many reasons to re-watch Breaking Bad over and over again on Netflix. Secondly, Goodman was one of the best characters in Breaking Bad, as was Mike Ehrmantraut.

And now, going into the third season of AMC's Better Call Saul, another loved character is coming back. On April 10 we'll finally see what involvement Gustavo Fring will have in the prequel.

Fans want to know a lot more about most of the characters. Saul was one of them, and thankfully, he got a spin-off. Gus, played by Giancarlo Esposito, is another man people would like to learn more about, and even the creator of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul has admitted that a Gus spin-off would be great.

Vince Gilligan recently did a Reddit AMA session, answering all BB and BCS questions. One fan asked: "Why did you pick Saul for a spin-off? Will there be others?

"I would have thought that a spin-off with Gustavo, how he became a respected business man and how he came to know Gale would have been fascinating too." A fair point.

In reply, Gilligan said: "I have to admit, a spin-off series about Gus Fring would be a good idea. There's no perfect answer to that question, other than to say that creating a spin-off series related to Saul Goodman was an idea that we batted around pretty much since the creation of the character.

"We always loved writing for Saul Goodman throughout the run of Breaking Bad. Now we find that writing for Jimmy McGill, he's so good with words that writing his dialogue is great fun, too."

(source theladbible)

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