10. Rugrats: Not for kids

It's rare for a children's program to feature main characters several years younger than the target audience. It's surprisingly less rare for these kinds of shows to include copious nods and winks for the parents stuck watching with their larval spawn. Rugrats fits squarely in the middle of this lewd Venn-Diagram.

Many of the visual tricks almost have to be the work of the animators, as opposed to the writers. Unless there's a part in this Rugrats script that reads: "Stu puts his fingers together, implying that his friend Howard is currently in the forest with male friends, wherein the main activity is making the penises touch."

Whereas most dick jokes aren't afraid to poke you right in the face, Rugrats has a couple fiendishly clever bits hidden here and there. Can you see spot the penis gag in the picture below?

Unless you read Hebrew, probably not. The sign in the top left translates to "mohel" -- as in, a rabbi that specializes in circumcisions. This takes on a whole new light when you see the sign below, which reads "Cut Rate." When you think about it, that could probably apply to just about any fee for a bris.

But the writers aren't completely innocent. In one episode, Chuckie becomes obsessed with a bouncy clown toy named "Mr. Boppo." His friends grow concernced.

Phil is right. At a minimum, Chuckie has about ten to twelve years before he should even consider bopping his Boppo.

9. A kid brings a dog dick to show and tell (2 Stupid Dogs)

You might not remember 2 Stupid Dogs; released somewhere between Ren & Stimpy and the first Cartoon Network originals, it was always kind of under the radar. But that just means it could get away with more naughty stuff.

For instance, there's an episode in which a boy brings the titular canines to class for show and tell. Well, it's really more "show"...

After accidentally giving the whole class an eyeful of the small dog's big red rocket, there are some understandably shocked children... and also one girl who probably needs therapy.

8. Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls was made in part by Genndy Tartakovsky, responsible for Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack and other cartoons contain low-key adult themes, so it shouldn't be shocking to see some suggestive material here and there.

And yet, it's still a little unnerving to see a seductive woman insert a man's pencil into an electric sharpener.

If you needed more evidence that you just watched a tiny old man jizz his pants in a children's cartoon, check out his tiny post-coital pencil.

And the dicks just keep on coming. In one episode featuring the Rowdy Ruff Boys, the girls attempt to defeat their rivals by kissing them. Previously, such an act would overload the Boys to the point of explosion, but that didn't happen here. Instead, when they get a peck on the cheek, the males only grow larger.

Through this point, the joke remains a harmless simile... until you get to the rapidly expanding "shoes" and "arms" that look a lot like male members.

There's no other way to interpet it: The Rowdy Ruff Boys are going through puberty, and kissing them only turns their bodies into one giant raging boner.

The hormonal theme carries through to the conclusion of the episode, when Blossom discovers the secret to taking the boys down a peg.

Technically, she's not wrong. Generally, however, that's pretty wrong.

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