1. When you do your makeup differently one day and everyone notices and compliments you:

2. When you’re out to dinner with friends and you get your food first and you’re starving so you try to sneak a bite but you get caught:

3. When you’re on your way home and someone asks “Are you going to the party too?” but you don’t even know what party they’re talking about:

4. When you’re on a second date with someone you really like and right before kissing you they tell you they’re voting for Trump:

5. When you get up extra early to go pick up a friend, but they’re only just getting out of bed when you get there:

6. When you studied really hard for an important test but completely forgot about the other test you had on the same day:

7. When someone gives you their entire life story at a party and you have no way out so you have to pretend like you’re listening until they stop talking:

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