1. Tarzan — Tarzan

“Tarzan, especially when he makes Jane touch his chest so she could feel his heart.” —Submitted by Loreto Alvarado Fuentes (Buzzfeed)

2. Robin Hood — Robin Hood

“The sexy fox Robin Hood. I mean fox literally.” —Submitted by Jenna Bloom (Facebook)

3. Prince Eric — The Little Mermaid

“Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid was my first crush.” —Submitted by Charlotte Barnfather (Facebook)

4. Beast — Beauty and the Beast

“Beast from Beauty and the Beast. In his beast form. Don’t judge me.” —Submitted by Andre Norman (Facebook)

5. Prince Adam — Beauty and the Beast

“Prince Adam in Beauty and the Beast. I still remember when he picked himself off the ground and then turned around all dramatically… and my little 5-year-old-heart just stopped.” —Submitted by Shaina Higgins (Facebook)

6. Tuxedo Mask — Sailor Moon

“Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. Only in the tux though!” —Submitted by Becky Erickson (Facebook)

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