Arthur Anderson, the voice of Eustace Bagge in Courage the Cowardly Dog, has died at the age of 93 at his home in New York.

Anderson voiced the skinny mean husband of Muriel in the cartoon for Episodes 34–52. In addition to being a voice performer he was an actor on the radio, in movies, and on the stage.

Anderson began his career on NBC radio in the role of an orphan called Buddy on serial drama Tony and Gus in 1935. After this, he joined CBS Children's radio serial Let's Pretend.

He worked with Orson Welles on a theater production of Caesar (Lucius), Second Hurricane, King Lear and Shoemaker's Holiday.

His movie credits include Midnight Cowboy, Zelig, Green Card and I'm Not Rappaport. He was also renowned as the voice of the Lucky Charms mascot Lucky the Leprechaun, for, despite not having an Irish accent, his name apparently sounded Irish. In 2005 he recalled:

"Hardly a day goes by when somebody doesn't ask me to sing the Lucky Charms jingle, and I'm proud of that."

Anderson was predeceased by his wife, Alice, and he is survived by his daughter Amy.

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(Source: Moviepilot, Welles Net)

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