The new Hey Arnold two-part animated movie looks, from what we’ve seen so far, absolutely amazing.

Our childhood faves have gotten minor makeovers, are a year older, and are all going to travel to San Lorenzo — where Arnold’s parents disappeared so many years ago.

Craig Bartlett, the show’s executive producer and original creator, said at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend that the reboot will “answer every fan question [it] possibly [can].”

But tbh, we had a lot of questions about the original series and couldn’t wait for the reboot to come out in 2017. So we sat down with Bartlett at Comic-Con and demanded answers. JK, we asked very nicely. Here’s everything we learned.

Finally have confirmed Arnold’s full name: Arnold Phillip Shortman.


“Yes, [his last name is Shortman]. That one has just become a fact, but we still are going to do a joke where he reveals his last name in The Jungle Movie — just to confirm it. [And] I think [Arnold’s middle name] should be Phillip. Arnold P. Shortman, after Phil, his grandpa.”

Yes, Mr. Simmons is gay. And he replaced Miss Slovak because she was “too much of a caricature.”


“We had our teacher Miss Slovak in Season 1, and Slovak was too much of a caricature. That seemed a little bit too simple — it wasn’t smart enough. What if we put, instead, a great teacher who really cares about the students and is just full of passion? And then we thought, ‘Well, let’s make him gay, why not? It’ll be fun.’”

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