Even though Suicide Squad is about seven months away, we all will probably agree that we have a pretty good sense of the characters that we're going to see. One character that is stealing the show, and rightfully so, is Harley Quinn who is being portrayed by Margot Robbie.

Harley Quinn is probably one of DC's most recognizable characters, next only to the primary heroes of the Universe (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman). Her popularity has only grown over the years as she's become one of the best selling characters even though her first appearance wasn't even in the comics, it was in the '90s animated Batman series. Her popularity in the series signaled to DC that they needed to add her character to the comics and thus Harley Quinn was introduced to the Batman story as well as gaining her own comic book series as of late. If you didn't know that little tidbit, then you probably don't know these 8 other things about our beloved Harley.

1. She's appeared in live-action already

Sorry Margot Robbie, you're not the first actress to portray the insane and insanely popular character. In 2002, the WB brought us the DC series Birds of Prey. Although it's widely regarded as one of the worst ventures for DC, and often is easily forgotten, Harley Quinn was brought in as a recurring villain. Portrayed by Mia Sara, Harley still went by her secret identity to wield her influence in hopes of getting revenge on the Birds of Prey for locking up her beloved Mr. J. There was also a short Easter Egg in the Arrow episode entitled 'Suicide Squad' where we saw her very familiar outline in an A.R.G.U.S. cell this time portrayed by Cassidy Alexa.

2. Harley has a daughter

In a shocking turn revealed in the series Injustice: Gods Among Us, based on the best-selling game of the same name, Harley admits that she has a daughter. During a battle with Black Canary the hero is fighting Harley and fighting off her own morning sickness. Harley notices her symptoms and stops fighting to sit down and has a tear-jerking moment with the Canary. Harley admits that she has a daughter, Lucy, with the Clown Prince himself. She's 4 and lives with Harley's sister. Harley admits that Joker doesn't know that he has a child, because his work is too important and he barely even noticed that Harley was gone for nearly a year.

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