I remember watching a majority of these animated TV shows as a child. I looked forward to finishing my homework every day, busting out some chocolate chip cookies and milk, and putting on my favorite cartoons.

I laughed every time Tommy, Chuckie, and co. pronounced more difficult words incorrectly. I was nervous for Ginger as she talked to her crush, Ian Richton. I stared enviously as the characters from Rocket Power surfed some massive waves with absolute ease.

Now that I'm an adult, I wonder what these characters' lives would be like and what they would look like if they were to grow into men and women. Thankfully these artists have created some fantastic art depicting some of my favorite characters. Be sure to bring some tissues, because these beloved babies are all grown up!

1. Arthur

[Source: organicpencils.tumblr.com]

I've never seen an aardvark pull off glasses quite as well as Arthur does.

2. As Told by Ginger

[Source: valentinabelicce.tumblr.com]

I love that Ginger has kept Dodie and Macie as her friends after all these years! It reminds me of myself and my wonderful high school friends, who are still my besties.

3. Dexter's Lab

[Source: periodicheroes.blogspot.com]

If you thought he was a genius then, just wait until you see him now. I'm sure he studied at Harvard or the like, and then discovered the cure for cancer soon after.

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