Disney princesses and female heroines are a favorite for online artists to get creative with. Whether it is dressing them in historically accurate garb, gender swapping them or sending them to college, these creations normally get a positive response, but this artist might have taken things too far.

George Lopera, a 20-year-old computing student from Spain, has hyper-inflated Disney princesses and iconic female video game characters until they are dangerously obese.

Lopera, who also creates morphs of female celebrities packing extra weight, explains on his Deviantart profile that:

"I love create morphs of a normal woman to a big sized woman, they're beautiful too. Some people like it, and others hate it."

Check out the images below to see what you think:


Artist: David Lopera

That shell bra really can't be comfortable for this human Ariel.

Princess Rosalina (Super Mario)

Artist: David Lopera

Running after all those lively little Lumas might be a challenge for Princess Roslalina now.

Samus Aran (Metroid)

Artist: David Lopera

Intergalactic bounty hunting might be a challenge now Samus can't fit into her powered armor suit.

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