Personally, I would never mess about with a Ouija board. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, messing with something that could potentially contact people who may or not be there is not something I would not be willing to risk.

Ok, so maybe nothing would happen, but it's the possibility that it could that freaks me out a bit, well, a lot if I'm honest.

But what if something did happen?! What if you did make contact, and the person you contacted was pissed and wanted to mess you up?!

Read these real stories of what happened to people when they decided it would be a good idea to mess around with a Ouija board. I guarantee they won't be doing it again!

10. The Creepy doll

I got a call from my cousin who said that he, his brother, his dad, and his best friend were using an Ouija in their basement. Prior to starting they took a large porcelain doll out of the room because it was creepy and placed it in an adjacent room face down on a pile of towels.

My cousin took a short break because the board was just spouting nonsense and he went to take a shit. His dad and brother and friend started asking the board questions without him, one of the questions was who is in the other room? It just started spouting random numbers and when my cousin came back into the room his brother said that it wasn’t working that they were going to put it away and he showed him the answer to the last question he asked and he said “dude that’s my social security number!, then they started to talk to whatever started spewing answers out, it told my cousin he would die in the air force. At this point they tell the entity they are communicating with to prove itself. It then spelled out the word “DOLL” and they were like wtf.

They opened the door to check on the porcelain doll they had laid in the other room and when they opened the door the doll was standing up right in front of the door staring right at them. Everyone freaked and ran out of the house. His best friend burned the Ouija board and I think he temporarily went nuts for a few months. My cousin for some reason then joined the air force and is on a base in Europe now.

Source: Thought Catalog

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