The story of the Taos hum in north-central New Mexico has led to various theories ranging from paranormal activities to secret UFO bases. The ‘hum’ is actually a strange noise, similar to an engine running in the distance, that can be heard anywhere in this town.

It was first reported back in the 1990s and ever since, scientists have been trying to find an answer to the mystery. Even though the sound could be heard by the human ear, no machine was ever able to record it. The reason for this remains unknown. The residents of Taos are still not familiar with the source of such a strange noise.


The Bouvet Island is located in the South Atlantic and is one of the most isolated places on Earth. More than 1,000 miles away from the nearest land, the island was never inhabited because of the poor life conditions and unsustainable plant life.

In 1964, a British expedition went on a quest and discovered something no one would expect. They noticed an abandoned lifeboat on the island. Intrigued by that sight, they approached the island to find even more items. The lifeboat was in great condition as well as some of the things laying around; oars, wood and a copper tank. There was no doubt someone had been on the island at that time.

After thoroughly searching the area, they couldn’t find any signs of the passengers or any life on the island whatsoever. The boat had no numbers or any information that would help them track down its origin. To make things even more mysterious, two years later, another British expedition went to the island to find that the boat and all of the items had disappeared. To this day, no one knows what happened on the island and who were the people who supposedly lived there for a short period.


A cryptographic statue at the CIA headquarters called Kryptos has kept the minds of the smartest mathematicians and cryptographers thinking for 25 years. The 12 feet high statue built by Jim Sanborn contains 4 codes which are answers to a riddle. By revealing the 4 codes, one would open the next stage of the mystery which, as Jim stated, would be something similar to a treasure hunt in the CIA.

However, only 3 codes have been solved so far with the fourth one being 97 letters long. Even the smartest code-crackers of the CIA and NSA have given up. In spite of all the efforts, the Kryptos seems to be impossible to solve and remains a true mystery today.


During the cold war, in Adelaide, Australia, a man was found dead, washed up on the shore with no ID or any documentation whatsoever. His dental records had no match as though he didn’t exist anywhere. The investigators found the final page of a Persian poem in his pocket. The words “taman shud” were written on it, meaning “finished.”

After going through all the military bases, the police couldn’t find out who the man was, but they did find a man who had a drink with him once. He claimed that the dead guy had a military pension card and his name was ‘Solomonson.’ They assumed the guy was some sort of a spy since the name seemed too fake to be real. After a while, the police managed to find the book from which the page was torn. In there, they found a name of a woman who remained anonymous, and who, after being shown the picture of the man, was terrified and denied to give any information.

They also noticed that the man had a very strangely shaped ear and the woman’s son happened to have the exact same shaped ear. It might be coincidence, but we will never know because the identity of the man has never been discovered.

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