13. You May Be Tenderized To Make It Easier To Skin You
As you might expect, peeling the skin off of an entire human being is kind of a difficult task. Given this knowledge you may find that, when someone flays you, you're in for a bit of prep work first, to make the skinning easier.

Some cultures liked to warm up the skin, to loosen it from the muscles and make it more easy to peel off, and there were two common ways of doing that. The first way involves leaving you out in the hot sun all day until your skin gets red and burns. This tenderizes your skin, and it also prolongs your torture. The second method is even worse. You are dipped alive into boiling water to loosen your skin, but removed before you are boiled alive. This can add blindness, nerve damage, and scorched lungs to your injuries. And this is before anyone even makes a cut.

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