1. Elmore, Ohio, “The Tale of the Headless Motorcycle Man”

“The tale goes that a man went off to war and when he came home, he found his wife in bed with another man. In a fury, he left the house, hopped on his motorcycle and drove off. A short while down the road, a fallen cable was in the road and as he drove past, it decapitated him. Today, if you go to the bridge where this happened, roll down your window, turn your car off, place your keys on the roof of the car and honk three times, the headless motorcycle man will chase your car and if the single headlight passes through your vehicle, the youngest person in the car will die. I’ve done it before, thinking it was a big myth but sure enough, a single headlight appeared behind us as we sped off down a different road.” Submitted by Codyr12

2. Flint, Michigan, “Devil’s Lake”

“There’s a lake in my hometown of Flint, Michigan, called Devil’s Lake which is said to have no bottom. Instead it’s urban legend that it’s actually an outlet to hell. It’s called Devil’s Lake and it’s located between a park and a funeral home! Nobody who has ever attempted to swim the lake has survived to see the other side. Anybody would be too scared to jump in and save them.” Submitted by rizzyb2

(source buzzfeed)

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