A word of warning… most of these books are really unsettling, but also pretty difficult to get a hold of. Only those with strong hearts should google each of these horror manga to read more about them and find translations of the stories online.

1. The Enigma of Amigara Fault by Junji Ito

Thousands of human-sized holes appear in the side of a mountain following an earthquake. It doesn’t take long for people to find holes that match them perfectly, and everyone who finds their hole becomes obsessed crawling in and being swallowed up by the mountain. What happens next will give you nightmares for weeks.

2. Homunculus by Hideo Yamamoto

A man who is out of a job and a home gets an offer he can’t refuse. In order to get back on his feet, he agrees to undergo an experimental trepanning procedure. After he has a hole drilled in his skull, he starts to experience the world differently and see people for who they really are.

3. Uzumaki by Junji Ito

Ugh. So upsetting. A series of stories about a town and its inhabitants who become enthralled by spirals. Spirals begin appearing everywhere, and the town devolves into chaos as its citizens become obsessed with transforming themselves and their environment to usher in the supernatural force behind these spirals.

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