1. Naale Ba

Naale Ba is an urban legend that sparked up in the 1990s in Karnataka. It describes a witch who knocks on your door mimicking the voice of your family members to trick you into opening the door. As soon as you do, you die. People believed that writing “Naale Ba,” which translates to “come tomorrow,” would ward of the witch for that night.

2. The white woman at Sanjay Van

Owing to its numerous graves, several people have claimed to have seen endless spirits floating through the air in this New Delhi locale, along with creepy cries and evil laughs. The most consistent tale describes a woman dressed in white who stalks people while hiding behind trees, only to disappear a second later.

3. The wolves of Pavagada, Karnataka

In 1983, in a small village in Karnataka, young girls under the age of five started mysteriously vanishing in the middle of the night. The villagers claim that the abductions were conducted by wolf-like creatures. The investigation into the death led to the police finding bloody clothing and but no other traces of the girls. None of the girls were ever seen again.

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