This film is at the beginning of our list for some tricky reasons. It’s got a loyal fan following and has since its premiere in 1995. Based on a Stephen King novella, Tom Holland’s (not the Tom Holland from the MCU) screenplay is as effective as any of his other well-known horror work. That includes stuff like Fright Night, Psycho 2, and the original Child’s Play. This two-part film boasts a pretty good cast, highlighted by a bizarrely understated performance by Bronson Pinchot. There’s also Frankie Faison, David Morse, Dean Stockwell, and a young Kate Maberly as the character that breaks your heart in two.

At the same time, The Langoliers relies on some truly horrible CGI effects that take all the scare out of what had been an effective suspense story up to that point. A bunch of airline passengers en route to Boston awake to find that most of the other passengers, stewards, and pilots are…missing. Weird, right? This movie has some great moments despite being likened to an extra-long Twilight Zone episode. If you like Stephen King and don’t mind bad CGI, give it a watch.

(source screenrant)

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