15. 80% Of Gun Homicides Are Gang-Related
To this day, about 80 percent of homicides committed with guns are gang related. That’s a very obvious statement when you look at all of the shootings that occur today in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. That was still the case over 50 years ago. Gang-related murders are even more difficult to solve as it isn’t just between the murderer and the victim. There are long connections leading to groups of people responsible for a murder. Anyone who might witness a gang-related murder is also certainly not willing to talk to the police, as they’ll be outed as a snitch or rat and might possibly face murder themselves. This leaves many gun related cases unsolved and the murdered out there to roam free and continue on in their criminal activity. For the victim above, he was struck by a reckless Taxi and murdered on the street, so the police know exactly who his murderer is.


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