15. Alexander Wachs
Streamer and YouTube personality Alexander Wachs, AKA Whiteboy7thst, was streaming the game Day Z when he abruptly left his chair and ran off-camera. His viewers were confused until they saw a police officer enter the frame with a dog in tow. An anonymous tip had been placed, giving Wachs’ address and saying there was a bomb on the premises. Usually, these types of instances end after the police find out that they’ve been duped, but this went even further. While searching the home, the police dog found a stash of marijuana, and police charged Wachs and his roommate with felony possession. Fortunately for the two, all charges were dropped in the case due to the circumstances in which the drugs were found. Wachs has been particularly susceptible to being SWATted in the past, so hopefully he is able to work with his local police station to prevent any further attacks in the future.

(source therichest)

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