A man lost about 50% - 75% of his brain due to hydrocephalus (water in the brain) but still led a normal life. Doctors believe that the fluid filled so slowly over his life that the brain remapped itself to function despite the loss of mass.


This photo (left) of Twins Brielle and Kyrie jackson is called the "rescuing hug." When Brielle couldn't breathe and was turning blue. The nurse broke the protocol and put them in same incubator as a last resort. Kyrie put her arm around her sister, who then began to stabilize.


A guy diagnosed with cancer was told he had 6 months to live, outlived his doctors who predicted his imminent death back in the 1970s. He almost lived four decades after a lung cancer diagnosis. He died 98/102 years old.


After Two Days Of Cannabis Treatment, This Nine-Year-Old Autistic Boy Spoke For The First Time.

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