1. The Disappearance of Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible

Where and when: Welch, Oklahoma, in December 1999.
What: Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible disappeared after having a sleepover to celebrate Ashley’s 16th birthday at the Freemans’ mobile home.
Why is it so creepy? The next day the Freeman home was set alight and the bodies of Ashley’s parents were found inside. Both her parents had been shot in the head before being burnt, and to this day the girls have still never been found.

2. The Children Who Went Up in Smoke

Where and when: Fayetteville, West Virginia, in December 1945.
What: The Sodders, a family with 10 children, slept while a fire erupted at 1 a.m. One of the sons was not home, and four of the children escaped with their parents and five did not.
Why is it so creepy? When the fire took place, George, the children’s father, tried to re-enter the house to find his five children. However, their ladder was missing, his truck wouldn’t turn on, and the water from their rain barrel was frozen solid. The creepiest part was that once they re-entered the house there were no remains of the children. No bones, and no possible way of cremation. They had disappeared and were never seen again.

3. The Chicago Tylenol Murders

Where and when: The Chicago area in September 1982.
What: Twelve-year-old Mary Kellerman died after taking Tylenol to help cure her cold. Her death was the result of a mystery person lacing extra-strength Tylenol pills with cyanide that also led to the deaths of six other people.
Why is it so creepy? The contaminated bottles came from different production plants, and so it was believed that someone was purchasing the bottles and returning them poisoned, or tampering them in-store. The person was never found, and it inspired various copycat acts from tainted pills to tampered-with candy.

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