After a falling out with Sam, Dean heads off on his own to investigate the disappearance of a couple in a cute little town in Indiana. Every year in April, a man and a woman mysteriously vanish from the area, always while on vacation (never locals). While searching, Dean comes across a “fugly” scarecrow in an orchard. As well as being really gross looking, the thing sets off his EMF meter and bears the same tattoo as one of the last people to go missing.

As it turns out, the scarecrow is actually a pagan god called Vanir, and every year, the town come together to sacrifice a man and a woman to him, ensuring prosperity for the next 12 months. When its kill-time, Vanir jumps off his perch and slices his victims up with a scythe, then proceeds to wear their skin until his next sacrifice comes along. When Dean convinces the potential prey to leave town before the plan is completed, they decide to sacrifice him and the relative of a townsperson to Vanir, but luckily, Sam comes along at the last minute and saves their asses (because of course he does).

(source screenrant)

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