The original Cabin Fever was a surprise hit when it released in 2002. The directorial debut of modern horror maestro Eli Roth, it became an instant classic due to the director’s trademark dark humor and heaps of gory thrills. While it may have been just a simple twist on the “Teens in a Cabin” trope, it cemented Roth as a visionary filmmaker with a unique flair.

Fourteen years after the original Cabin Fever debuted, director Travis Z made the decision to regurgitate the original film almost beat for beat. Except this time, it was missing any of the trademark wit that made the original film entertaining. It was also poorly cast, lacking any of the compelling performances from the source material. Finally, the evergreen sign of lazy direction in search of shock value, it was made more gory and grotesque than the first outing.

Unsurprisingly, audiences and critics were not interested. Currently, the film sits at an abysmal 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, a rare achievement that lands it the honor of being one of the worst — and most pointless — remakes of all time.

(source screenrant)

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