1. The Titanic’s sinking was totally planned.

Apparently it was NOT the Titanic that sank, but its sister ship, the Olympic. Supposedly the Olympic had been damaged in a collision, and there was evidence to prove that the owners had switched the two ships, and then sunk the “Titanic” (aka the already-damaged Olympic) for insurance money. HOLY SHIT.

2. The Denver International Airport is a hub for the Illuminati.

The intricate murals on the walls have led travelers to believe it’s a central meeting place for either the Illuminati or neo-Nazis. OH, and the hallways apparently make a swastika shape when you look at the building from the sky. K.

3. Willy Wonka is the childrens’ version of Saw.

Some people believe Willy Wonka was actually a serial killer, murdering all of the kids on the tour one by one. This theory also says Wonka led Charlie to kill himself through the insanity of knowing that the murders had taken place without him knowing, and that’s why they fly away at the end. Fucked up, right?

4. The current year is actually 1719, not 2016.

The Phantom Time Hypothesis says Roman Emperor Otto III liked the idea of ruling during the year 1000 — even though that wasn’t the date when he was in power. Did he forge documents to change the year? Were the Early Middle Ages totally made up? WHAT IS THE TRUTH?

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