You be the judge.

1. The plus one.

I was 13, home alone with a friend who was visiting from out-of-state. She told me about an "imaginary friend" she had and how she would use a Ouija board to speak to it. I told her it was fake, but she insisted that she prove it to me. She took out her Ouija board and asked the entity if it could give us a sign. The board spelled out "L-O-O-K-A-T-T-H-E-W-I-N-D-O-W." When we looked up, three birds crashed into my bedroom window all at once. Let's just say she and her "friend" weren't invited back to my house.


2. The reunion.

My childhood best friend and I got into a huge fight and lost contact. When I turned twenty, I had a dream that she walked up to me, arms outstretched, and said "I miss you, I'm sorry." The next day, I was home with my then-boyfriend and we heard a knock at the door. There my old friend stood, arms outstretched, and the first thing she said was "I miss you, I'm sorry." I just hugged her without a word and all was forgiven. The next week my boyfriend left me for another girl, and that friend was the only reason I got through it.

I believe the universe gave me what I needed.


3. The succubus.

When I was a kid, my cousin and I were playing around with some ghost-summoning stuff and we recorded it, thinking it was all just silliness. However, once we watched the video back, I stopped mid-summoning and randomly said, "SUCCUBUS" out loud. I have absolutely no memory of saying that.


4. The corner.

I have a friend who lives in a VERY old house. My son is 1 year old and her daughter is two years old, and whenever they're upstairs, they'll suddenly stop playing and stare intensely at this specific corner without speaking. We have another friend who brought her 2-year-old daughter over recently for a play date, and she stopped and stared into the corner as well.


5. The regular resident.

I was 14, sitting on the couch at my mom's house, home alone, at night. My dog started to growl out of nowhere. I looked up from my laptop and saw a woman walking across my kitchen. This was a solid-ass person I saw, like, I legit thought someone broke into the house, so I ran out the front door. Two years later my brother had a friend sleeping on the couch and the next morning he asked me why I "kept walking around the kitchen all night." I wasn’t.


6. The guardian grandpa.

I’ve had weird things happen to me all of my life, but I've always been a skeptic. That is, until May 13th, 2014 when I had a dream that my grandfather (who died when I was seven-months-old) told me I was going to "become very sick tomorrow, but would be alright." That afternoon, I had a first seizure ever. I had another seizure the next day, and then another after that. We still don’t have answers to what’s going on with me, but even when I’ve been the most scared, I think back to that dream, and it’s oddly calming (though, still kind of creepy).


7. The musical mom.

My mother passed away October of 2010. About six months after her death, I was up at 3 a.m. watching TV when, out of nowhere, I heard my mother’s music box start playing from the dining room. I ran upstairs, woke up my dad, and tried my best to explain what I had just heard. We went back downstairs to find the dining room impossibly cold. After inspecting the music box I tried everything I could to get it to play again, but it wouldn't.


8. The name game.

Ever since I was born, we’ve had this old painting of my great-grandmother. As a running joke, I’ve said it was haunted to freak my mom out...but this New Year’s Eve it wasn’t a joke anymore. I was getting ready to go out when my mom yelled for me to come to the foyer. Right beside the painting was a name etched in perfect light from the sun setting. It was my great-grandmother's nickname. We both stared in shock until she told me to go get my phone to take this picture as the letters began to fade. I will never be the same. I'm completely convinced in the paranormal now.—justolive

I will never be the same. I'm completely convinced in the paranormal now.


9. The devil's touch.

My family has always claimed to have paranormal experiences, but I never really believed them until two years ago. We were all in our respective rooms asleep when my mother, my sister, and I all woke up at the EXACT SAME TIME screaming bloody murder. I had woken up because I felt a sudden excruciating pain. I ran out of my room to find the rest of my family freaking out, too. It turned out my mother and sister had had the same experience. We were even more unsettled later when my 5-year-old sister kept saying, “The devil touched us,” because no one had ever explained the concept of "the devil" to her.


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