1. The Dent School House — Cincinnati, Ohio

Why it’ll freak you out: This place was an actual school in the late 1800s, but shut down after a “strain of murders,” and was reopened as a huge attraction in the mid-2000s. Basically, this place is truly scary AF.

2. Nightmare on 13th Haunted House — Salt Lake City, Utah

Why it’ll freak you out: Every year this highly-rated haunted house has an entirely new theme, which they call a “nightmare.” If you’re not convinced about how badass it actually is, here’s a chilling fact: It’s been voted one of America’s scariest attractions by the Travel Channel.

3. Frightworld Scream Park — Buffalo, New York

Why it’ll freak you out: There are five (FIVE!!!!!) insane haunted houses you can experience, including a rustic, isolated cabin teeming with bloody victims and an old, abandoned asylum on a remote road.

4. Haunted Plantation — Oahu, Hawaii

Why it’ll freak you out: The Haunted Plantation insists this is more than a haunted house — it’s an entire haunted village. It’s so brilliantly terrifying that it’s been featured on the Syfy Channel as well as the Travel Channel.

5. House of Shock — Jefferson, Louisiana

Why it’ll freak you out: Complete with old “carny freak exhibitions” and an overall homage to the dark history of New Orleans itself, this place is pretty much guaranteed to make you crap your pants.

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