1. The Expressionless

In 1972, a woman scarily resembling a mannequin showed up at a hospital in a blood-stained gown. The doctors cleaned her up and took care of her, but she decided she didn’t want their help, and started attacking everyone.

2. The Smiling Man

A college student’s nightly walk is interrupted at by a man with an insane grin, who does a mesmerizing dance and silently follows the student around the dark neighborhood. The complete insanity of his face haunts the student forever.

3. Candle Cove

A group of people reminisce about a terrifying and strange TV show called Candle Cove from their 1970s childhood, but learn something really fucked up in the end: The show didn’t actually exist.

4. Abandoned by Disney

The narrator explores the grounds of the rumored abandoned Disney’s Mowgli’s Palace in North Carolina. At first, they find nothing more than rotting structures, until they find a horrifying creature in a Mickey costume that asks, “Hey, wanna see my head come off?”

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