WARNING: Many of the films on this list are incredibly disturbing. Please continue and watch each film with discretion.

1. Dreams of a Life (2011)

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Joyce Carol Vincent died while wrapping Christmas presents with the TV still on, and was found three years after the fact. It sounds like a horror movie — but it’s a 100% true story. This documentary makes you question everything you think you know about your life.

Where you can watch it: Hulu or Amazon Video

2. Child of Rage (1992)

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An interviewer sits down with a 6-year-old girl who was abused as a child and adopted by a new family. The young girl has an attachment disorder, and calmly explains that she wants her family to die.

Where you can watch it: YouTube

3. Hell House (2001)

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A church puts on a haunted house every year featuring dramatized sins like drunkenness and suicide, in the hopes of saving those who enter.

Where you can watch it: Amazon Video

4. The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter (2009)

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If the Manson murders scare the shit out of you, give this one a whirl: A team follows in the footsteps Manson’s Family took in the late ’60s-early ’70s, from Spahn Ranch to the Tate-Polanski home.

Where you can watch it: iTunes

5. The Cheshire Murders (2013)

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[WARNING: This synopsis is very disturbing.] A mother was raped and tortured and her two daughters were burned alive in July 2007. The most horrifying part? It could have been prevented far in advance.

Where you can watch it: HBO Now or HBO Go
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