It's safe to say that these folks have been planning their decorations for some time now. These elaborate displays are quite breathtaking in their scale, and are sure to make the neighbours stop and awe! From a complete mock-up of Area 51 to a 3000 pumpkin salute this list is sure to get your inspiration flowing for some last-minute Halloween creativity. Scroll down below to check it out for yourself.

#1 I Decorated My Parents House For Halloween...

via: Christine McConnell

#2 Just A Pallet, Red Light, And Fake Hands

#3 The Pumpkin House In Kenova, West Virginia

via: hmbmelly

#4 Projection My Brother-In-Law Has Set Up In His Front Window

via: Almarrio

#5 Grim

via: Grim Graham

#6 My Neighbor’s Halloween Display

via: ChocolateConrad

#7 UFO Crash

#8 Life-Size Michael Myers House

via: Alex Sanchez

#9 Bring It On, Homeowners Association

via: bdd1001

#10 My Neighbor Wins Halloween. Graveyard For Trends That 'Died' In 2017 And 2018

via: picklejewce

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