🚨Warning: Spoilers ahead!🚨

1. Remember how Olivia told her kids to come home when she flashed the porch light twice? Well, she sure as hell flashed those lights for Nell.


2. The Red Room was foreshadowed the whole time, multiple times.

3. And if you put the "non-existent" rooms together, all the windows line up.

4. In the first five minutes of the show, when Hugh goes to check on young Shirley, she talks in her sleep, foreshadowing the mysteries of the Red Room.

Also, in Episode 2, she shoots up in bed and says, "Nellie's in the Red Room."

5. In Episode 1, young Luke draws an image of someone in a pink outfit screaming. Later in that same episode, we see Nell make that face when she haunts adult Steve in his apartment. You'll also notice that, when she dies, she's wearing a pink dress.

Just another example of how time is like rain, snow, and confetti, and that it falls all around us!

6. In Episode 6, if you look closely, the statue's heads turn as they follow Olivia, who's walking down the halls.

7. The maze in the opening credits was telling us about the secrets of the house the entire time! You can see that the walls of the maze are moving around, potentially explaining how the Red Room works (aka explains different entrances to the various Red Rooms).

8. All five Crain siblings represent the stages of grief: Steve is denial, Shirley is anger, Theo is bargaining, Luke is depression, and Nell is acceptance.

The theory first popped up on Tumblr, and director Mike Flanagan confirmed it on Twitter!

9. In Episode 2, young Theo can be seen reading The Lottery, which was written by Shirley Jackson, who wrote the original Haunting of Hill House book.

10. At one point, young Luke has an E.T. lunchbox, which is a callout to the fact that young adult Hugh is played by the same actor who played Elliott in E.T.

11. And there's also a callout to a mirror used in Oculus, which Mike Flanagan also directed.

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