1. Outcast

“Outcast is so much better than I expected. It’s visually stunning with great scares, good plot twists, and a great set of actors.” – Kim Harkess, Facebook.

2. Hannibal

“Almost every scene was a tableau of gore and elegance. It was the deadliest game of cat and mouse with some of the most unexpected scenes on network television. You know you wanna watch.” – Belinda Cech, Facebook.

3. Harper’s Island

“It was a mini-series and VERY good, but never well-known for some reason. It’s suspenseful, classic horror with an ending that will keep you guessing.” – Kristina Vandercosk, Facebook.

4. Hemlock Grove

“Highly stylised and very cinematic, the characters are complex and the acting is superb. There are also nods to classic horror films everywhere if you watch carefully enough.” – Alexandra Archive, Facebook.

5. Supernatural

“Ghosts, demons, shape shifters, vampires, angels, werewolves, rougarou, djinn, there are all kinds of cool monsters! Add in two sexy brothers with one of the best fandoms and you’ve got one hell of a show! Also, as far as true lore and the occult goes, this show is pretty accurate.” – clairew469e28fce.

6. Ash vs Evil Dead

“It’s definitely for you if you’re a fan of horror comedies, which is especially nice when most horror TV shows are dramas. The action is exciting and it doesn’t withhold all the blood that comes with it.” – Ann Catherine Hughes, Facebook.

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