7. Ray Gricar
When a district attorney goes missing, it’s only right that most will lean towards the conclusion that they’ve been mafia-ed out of the picture for getting their hands a little too dirty. So when Pennsylvania-based attorney Ray Gricar vanished in 2005, there was no doubt in the minds of the suspicious that Gricar had gotten himself in too deep with nefarious activities. Gricar had previously declined to press charges against Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, following accusations of child sexual abuse, only for the coach to be found guilty of those same accusations thirteen years later.

Gricar disappeared on April 15th 2005, and the last known contact from him came through a call to tell his wife he was driving through Brush Valley. Police found his car, and eventually his county-issued laptop near and under a bridge, respectively, and whilst that may lead you to suspect suicide, there was something odd about the computer: it had been so badly damaged that not even the firm which extracted information from the Columbia Shuttle disaster were able to salvage anything of use.

Speculation is still rife about whether Gricar was about to run an investigation to blow the Sandusky case three years before he was caught, or whether he committed suicide thanks to the guilt of not charging the man years earlier, but the fact remains that there is no proof of Gricar’s death, nearly a decade later.

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