1). "Robert," the doll who's always watching:

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First on our list of petrifying playthings is "Robert," who originally belonged to author and painter Robert Eugene Otto. The doll was (allegedly) known to giggle, run from room to room, cause household accidents, and walk past upstairs windows while the family was away. Robert was left in the Otto's attic until 1974, where he was passed around from owner to owner before eventually being donated to Florida's Fort East Martello Museum in 1994 where he still resides today. Staff members claim that the doll causes strange activity anytime it is rotated through the museum. Its head is also said to be seen turning to follow museum-goers as they pass by.

2). "Mandy," the doll with the sinister smile:

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Mandy has been scaring the absolute shit out of staff members and volunteers at British Columbia's Quesnel and District Museum since 1991. Shortly after she was donated, strange events started happening like the sounds of disembodied footsteps and vanishing office supplies, to name a few. Several museum guests are made uneasy by her, regularly commenting on her "sinister smile" and life-like eyes. We, however, would prefer to comment on said attributes from the safety of our office.

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