There are many signs that you are in the presence of a ghost. If you suddenly experience inexplicable heat or cold, if you feel as if someone is watching you, and if you hear strange knocks and scrapes in your house, there is a possibility that a ghost is near.

I personally remember falling asleep one night in my bunk bed as a kid and suddenly waking up in the middle of the night as I felt a hand run through my hair. I woke up instantly and shot up in my bed, only to see that no one was around and that my sister was fast asleep in the bottom bunk. Was it creepy? Yes. Do I think it was my grandfather? I sure hope so.

It comforts me to know that others have also felt a sudden burst of goosebumps, heard their name called out very faintly, or have even seen a shadow move out of the corner of their eyes. Below is a list of fellow "ghost hauntees."

1. The Hanging Cooper Family Ghost

In the 1950's, the Cooper's had just moved into an old house in Texas and wanted to preserve their exciting moment with a picture. Little did they know someone else was also interested in photobombing this joyous family's portrait.

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