Max Cavallari was using his phone to navigate around a town in his home country of Italy when he accidentally walked straight into a metal pole. The photographer and art director was so absorbed in his phone that he hadn’t noticed the hazards around him. “I was so focused on this little shining screen that I couldn’t see the reality that surrounds me,” Cavallari says.

Cavallari started to notice all the people around him who were also absorbed in their devices and oblivious to the world around them. His photo project “Loneliness” was born; a collection of stark photos of urban scenes in which the residents are creepily sucked into their own phones and separated from their surroundings.

In his artist statement Cavallari says, “The excessive use of this technology has led us to an addiction to these tools that have long since replaced our ‘downtime’,” adding that mobile technology means we are witnessing an “erosion” of our offline lives in favour of our online existence. He asks: “To what extent are we willing to give up physical identity?”

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