#1 Cinderella.

via: Rob Carlos

It seems like Cinderella didn’t get out of the magic ride and got squished when it reverted. However, I am still not sure about the guy holding the racket hiding behind the wall.

#2 Donald Duck.

via: Karlsson

Weirdly enough the illustration is named ‘The Babysitter’. I am not sure as to in which universe will he qualify as a babysitter even on his normal days.

#3 Pinocchio.

via: Sylvain Sarrailh

I don’t blame Pinocchio for finally cracking under the pressure. I mean he did went through a lot.

#4 The Genie.

via: Dan Luvisi

There is so much wrong with this Genie that I don’t even know whee to start. Is that ectoplasm coming out of his ears?

#5 Ariel.

via: Gabby Untermayerova

It seems Ariel has went through a lot in this picture as evident by the big chunk missing from her tail. That would make anybody hungry for some protein filled fish.

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