From white chocolate dead baby heads to skinned animals, de Vetten’s treats make dessert a truly guilty pleasure.

“You get that little thrill of eating something your eyes tell you not to, but your nose and taste buds urge to devour,” de Vetten told Vice. “German being such a descriptive language…’wake’ is literally translated to ‘corpse feast,'” the German-born artist added, when asked if there was anything ritualistic about eating her ghastly temptations.

De Vetten’s inspiration comes from horror movies and alternative art, and her gruesomely detailed style is the result of her training in fine art and taxidermy. Conjurer’s Kitchen opened in 2011 and has worked with Barbican Museum, the British Library, the shop Obscura from the television serial Oddities, and others. De Vetten is particularly popular in the death-positive community (medical historians, funeral directors, etc).

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