If you haven't heard the buzz yet, there's a new horror movie out on Netflix called Veronica.

It follows a teenage girl, Veronica, who attempts to use a Ouija board to contact her dead father.

Of course, things go terribly awry. A scary nun breaks the board, there are demons, and it's two hours of nope.

BUT, it's getting a lot of praise from horror fans.

What's scarier than the movie is the real case it was based off of.

It's known as the Vallecas case, and it attempts to explain Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro's strange and sudden death. Newsweek took a deeper look into the facts and fictions Veronica was based off of.

Estefanía and her friends were playing on a Ouija board, but got interupted when a teacher found them and put an end to their game.

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