3. Cabin Fever (2002)

Jordan Ladd (pictured above) burst into tears when she saw herself in her 'face eaten' make-up - that's how you know the SFX guys have done a great job! In fact, John Neff, a sound mixer for the movie, really did survive a flesh-eating disease before working on Cabin Fever. He insists to this day that the SFX for Cabin Fever are wholly accurate.

Most interesting of all is the story of Robert Jones, a crew member transporting a headless, bloodied body prop home in his car. He was stopped by cops and held at gunpoint until he could finally convince them that the realistic body was a fake!

4. Ghost Ship (2002)

All you Classical History geeks may have worked this one out: the character of Jack Ferriman - played by Desmond Harrington - is a reference to Charon, the ancient Greek ferryman who carries deceased souls across the River Styx and into the underworld. A painting in the great hall scene in the movie also references a fresco of Charon.

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