#6 Imori

Imori are the ghosts of dead warriors transformed into geckos. They haunt the forgotten, overgrown ruins where they lost their lives, attacking and harassing trespassers.

#7 Nekomata

They look upon humans with contempt and are often responsible for summoning fireballs that start great conflagrations, killing many people. They frequently control corpses with their necromantic powers like puppet-masters, and they use their powerful influence to blackmail or enslave humans into doing their bidding.

#8 Keukegen

Despite their apparent cuteness, Keukegen do not make good pets. They are actually a kind of minor spirit of bad luck, disease, and pestilence. They bring sickness and bad health to those whom they live near. Generally, they try to avoid human contact, being shy by nature and are rarely seen.

#9 Bake-Kujira

Bake-kujira is a massive ghostly skeleton whale. They appear on rainy nights near coastal whaling Japanese villages, scaring the fishermen and delivering a powerful curse to anyone who spots it. The whale's curse brings famine, plague, fire and other kinds of disasters to the villages it hits.

#10 Gashadokuro

The Gashadokuro are spirits that take the form of giant skeletons and are fifteen times taller than an average person, said to be created from the amassed bones of people who died of starvation or in battle, without being buried. They roam after midnight, grabbing lone travelers and biting off their heads to drink their spraying blood.

#11 Kami-Kiri

Kamikiri is a monster with a scissor-like beak and hands like razors. They are small, and capable of sneaking quietly through open windows and doors without alerting their victims. At night they sneak up to its victims and cuts their hair off.

Source: boredpanda

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