Warning: Spoilers ahead for the "Game of Thrones" season seven finale.

Tormund and Beric were last seen atop the Wall on the "Game of Thrones" season seven finale.

The seventh season finale of "Game of Thrones" left fans with shocking deaths and revelations to mull over while we wait for the coming final installment of HBO's hit series. But one dramatic scene in particular plagued many people: The destruction of the Wall by the Night King and the pending fates of Beric Dondarrion and Tormund Giantsbane.

The staging of the scene implied that Beric and Tormund were left alive even after a massive chunk of the Wall came crashing down.

There were still some structures standing even after the chunk of the Wall collapsed.

Tormund and Beric ran back towards a section of the Wall that hadn't yet fallen. Now a newly released copy of the finale episode scripts helps bolster this evaluation.

HBO submitted the finale episode, "The Dragon and the Wolf" for consideration in the race for a 2018 Emmy. This means the full episode script is available to read in PDF form online .

Here's the section which describes Tormund and Beric's point-of-view during the Night King's attack on the Wall using a newly resurrected Viserion:

The section of the "Game of Thrones" script which explains how Beric and Tormund survived.

The most important section comes last, where the script describes Tormund and Beric running for their lives.

"Tormund and Beric lead their wildling comrades to the stairs carved in the ice -- Eastwatch has a massive zig-zag stairway, not an elevator like Castle Black. They run for their lives and disappear from view."

Though this doesn't say explicitly that Tormund and Beric are alive and well after heading to the staircase, this does lay out a clear pathway for their survival. Shots from this scene definitely show parts of the wall containing staircases and other buildings falling into the ocean, but perhaps there are more stairwells we haven't yet seen.

Either way, we're more confident than ever that Tormund and Beric will be seen in the coming eighth and final season.

Source: businessinsider

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