Imagine going out to sea for months at a time where you have zero clue what types of creatures (big and small) you may come across.

Such is the life of Roman Fedorstov. He’s a Russian deep sea fisherman who willingly goes out in search of the unknown.

Roman works on a fishing trawler based in Murmansk in the northwest part of Russia.

Last month, he announced his return to sea, much to the delight of his curious followers.

His post read: “I will be at sea for 2.5 months. Without internet. See you in late autumn. I hope you will like my new photos!”

Roman first began sharing photos of the most unbelievable creatures in 2016 on both Twitter and Instagram, quickly gaining him a following due to the bizarre nature of his discoveries.

Most of his catches make you do a double take. I mean, check out this guy and his "monster" teeth.

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