The marketing for the new movie The Gift has been pushing the fact that "the ending will haunt you for days." I haven't seen the movie yet, but will be seeing it tonight and am excited to discover if this will be a movie that can take me by surprise (which, to be honest, isn't necessarily easy).

In the mean time, I've been thinking of other horror movies with twist endings. There are SO many creative endings in horror out there, but there are five movies in particular that really took me by surprise.


5. The Others

This is all-round one of my favorite horror movies, but I was really taken by surprise by the ending. During the entire movie I had a feeling that there was something wrong, I just couldn't pinpoint exactly where that feeling was coming from. When I realized that the mother and her children were in fact the ghosts, and that they were the ones haunting the owners of the house I was shocked! And then doubly shocked when I realized that the cause of their death was from her smothering the children with a pillow then shooting herself with a shotgun. BAM! Fantastic horror movie without a drop of blood.

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