1. When Mufasa dies in "The Lion King."

"Mufasa's death, right people? For the love of God!!! Scarred for life." - Nicole Bernardi

2. The curb stomp scene in "American History X."

"When Edward Norton's character in 'American History X' makes a guy put his mouth to the curb and then stomps on his head. I watched it when I was 12 years old, and I'm traumatized to this day!" - Emily Gomes

3. When all is revealed in "Fight Club."

"The final scenes of 'Fight Club' when everything is revealed. I watched it a year ago, and I still find myself thinking about it. Sometimes I'm not doing anything, and I'll get to thinking if I am myself or if the world that I imagine is in fact real or if the best friend I had really existed." - Vivian Nagy

4. Kids being ground up in "Another Brick in the Wall."

"It's not really a movie, but a music video by Pink Floyd, 'Another Brick in the Wall.' When the children fall into the meat grinder and out comes meat in the shape of sausages. I watched this clip for the first time at age 6, and I was sick and felt really uncomfortable... even today I feel nauseous just recalling it, literally." - Manuh Macedo

5. The birth of the baby in "Mother!."

"The film 'Mother!' after the poet hands the baby over to the crowd. Forever affected." - Gabriela Figueiredo

6. The maggot scene in "Ghost Ship."

"The beginning scene of the movie 'Ghost Ship' where the people are cut in two. Then, in the same film, the scene with the canned food full of maggots. I have a phobia of maggots, which I found out by watching this movie. Plus, I was 11 years old and the teacher showed the movie in school." - Gabriella Porto

7. The death in "Bridge to Terabithia."

"In the movie 'Bridge to Terabithia,' without a doubt, right when the boy discovers his friend, the girl, has died." - Denize Mazzarollo Gaspar

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